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Closing the curtains on the windows to my soul

Sometimes I have these thoughts that seem so unimportant until I actually let them completely form… 

I wear colored contacts. Is that because I want to see you without letting you see the real me?

Everyone has said time and again that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Do I use my contacts as curtains?

Sometimes things just don’t progress how they are supposed to. Bumps in the road. Premature conclusions.

For now I’ll close the curtains on the windows to my soul. Distance myself a bit from anyone I even hesitate to trust. Anyone who I find myself second guessing at all. Defense mechanism i guess. I’m fragile enough as is, I shouldn’t set myself up to be in an even more vulnerable place.

So for now, I’m sticking to my colored contacts as just one more shield, one more layer between me and you. 

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